Artist Contact - Abstract Indian Art

Welcome to my Online Art Gallery! I am Ajay Rajpal. I am proud to have put on display most of my abstractions in contemporary Indian artwork for the appreciative online community, making your contact with Indian abstract artists easier in exchange worldwide.

Some of the paintings already sold out displays identity of the buyer with due permission. Other artworks that stand sold-outs may not include such information for understandable reasons.

There are few paintings ‘Not for Sale’ that have also been put on display by your artist for viewing pleasure of art lovers. The reasons for not putting them up for sale are as abstract as my other mystical abstract artwork - bring a smile on your face, anyways!!

Obviously, there are also paintings ‘for sale’ displayed on the web art gallery and were created at my Studio located in New Delhi, India. The prices are generally conveyed by your painter on request after online inquiry submission, or one of the assigned representative galleries may respond. Prices of artworks are authenticable only if sales happen from any of the contracted commercial places and that the ownership of paintings has not changed. Shipping and handling is not included in artwork price but will be calculated when a location and mode of dispatch is determined.

When viewing online, the color interpretation of premium artwork may vary depending on individual computer settings. Please give due consideration to this aspect. However, additional photos for the paintings of interest can be made available upon request.

If you are interested in purchasing our artwork, please fill up the
Enquiry Form.

But if you wish to make a business related contact with me pertaining to accessories for premium paintings, please feel free to write me details in an email:

Walk-in visits to the Studio are best avoided, please.  You may find online contact details of Indian artist fairly sufficient.