Attending Art School



Know the Contemporary Abstract Artist from India

AJAY RAJPAL – An Artist who never went to any Art School…

 Contrary to the training a person generally undergoes to acquire
and/or hone the inherent skills in painting with various media,
AJAY RAJPAL is one of the unpretentious few who have
picked up maturity in brushstrokes on canvas
struck by mystic wand that has spiritually
infused intuition in
most of his
appreciated and
owned by the connoisseurs
of art, obviously excluding all the
success measured in worldly terms.

- Anonymous

Best art may not be the proprietary of best artists from India who have had the opportunity of having attended best art schools in India or abroad. The best Indian artist doesn’t have to be the one in possession of best painting studio environment. The best Indian abstract art paintings are more likely to be created by a painter who has a strong imagination and good sense of creativity. Moreover, why would an artist spend so much time creating a mere decoration? Some one commented appropriate that you don't have to have Picasso's imagination to create an abstract art painting. And, while it is true that anyone can create abstract art, very few are good at it. Without any talent, brushes or tools, you can make a stunning work of art.