Artist Statement


Ajay Rajpal – Artist Statement – Abstract Indian Art

Unfold Your Abstract Art Meaning

The viewing pleasure in an abstract art is heightened when the viewer and the master artists create together. Deeper you look into the canvas that a journey of courage and surrender begins in the fine art. In the ‘riot’ of layered colors you will see what you need to see, ‘calm’, even Gods in most formless nuances. All mystical codes in the abstract creativity start unfolding, bringing an ecstatic smile on your face for every one to see.

Deciphering Soulful Abstract Art

Struck in front of an abstract painting, connoisseurs of art are quick by nature to recognize the flow and force of the creative energy artist has spread on the canvas. Such art lovers/collectors readily grasp the abstract conceptualization artist has reflected in colors on canvas. It is such a great feeling when someone can “read” what I am expressing in all my abstract paintings based on intuition and instinct – good or bad energies absorbed from people and situations around me. This is where the true beauty is hidden in a soulful abstract art. However, there may be few other fine art lovers taking the challenge longer creating their own personal symbols, images, and coloring differently in deciphering the modern abstraction.

Flow into Decorative Abstract Painting

Intuition strikes like a lightening and emotions flow from my head and heart and into my hand that I begin an abstract painting in earnest. Commitment can emerge in paintings of many shapes and sizes. New expression(ism), like music, is spread on the surface of canvas nourishing my soul. I expect people to feel as if they know where they are in my decorative paintings and that they can go anywhere, without passing through the filter of the mind which compares and tends to remain imprisoned by the representation.

Timeless Abstract Art

Acrylic is my preferred medium as I’m able to finesse from one subtlety of hue to another with the inherent blending properties of acrylics on stretched canvas. I am not averse to occasionally dabbling with other media, attempting create unprecedented and indefinable shades in nature. It is a premium painting which can then become a mirror for the beholder, more so as superior executive functioning trait under contemporary abstract thinking. Abstract painting for me is like connecting to unaligned Sufism!! With no discernable object identified, Abstract Art lends timeless appeal to my works.

Indian master painters and overseas artists have showcased their best of works in a variety of media and influenced major trends. Life is an artwork without an eraser.


"I dedicate my art to my spiritual master (Guru) Shri Chandra Bhanu Satpathy Ji".